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2023 3Leaf Audio Doom 2 - Jade

2023 3Leaf Audio Doom 2 - Jade

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From 3Leaf Audio

DOOM 2 is a unique fuzz circuit that transforms your input signal to simulate the sawtooth wave of a classic synthesizer. Contrary to other fuzz circuits, DOOM 2 adjusts to your playing style and preserves the dynamics of each note.

Introducing version 2's new you're / your switch. The classic DOOM sound of strong upper harmonics, mid-focused tone, and octavia / ring modulator effects are present when you play higher on the neck. With the your mode, you'll experience a stronger fundamental, less high frequencies, and more low end for a traditional fuzz sound.

Additionally, the bass control feature is now available. It functions as both a volume control and a bass control, depending on the position of the bass/clean switch. In clean mode, the bass control allows your full range clean signal to pass through to the output. In bass mode, an active crossover only sends your clean low frequencies to blend with the fuzz circuit, resulting in a rich and unified sound.

The Doom 2 - Jade boasts a functionally upgraded shape switch, now replaced with a variable mid control. This allows for finer tuning of presence and the ability to seamlessly sit anywhere in your mix.

DOOM 2 offers a complete range output that is universally compatible with all instruments. While the standard version is ideal for low frequency instruments such as bass guitar and synthesizer, a guitar speaker-specific circuit tuning will be released in the future.


  • Footprint: 64 x 118 mm


Condition Mint
Brand 3Leaf Audio
Model Doom 2
Year 2023
Finish Jade
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