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USA Made American Telecaster Style Body - Double Bound Snow White

USA Made American Telecaster Style Body - Double Bound Snow White

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Dillon USA Telecaster-Style Guitar Body: Premium American Craftsmanship

The Altitude Summary

This USA-made Telecaster-style guitar body from Dillon USA epitomizes American manufacturing excellence. Known for decades of expertise in producing high-quality guitars and bodies, Dillon USA's craftsmanship shines through in this double-bound, white-finished beauty. The body is crafted from top-quality American Alder, ensuring durability and a rich resonance that enhances the guitar's tonal qualities.  Condition-wise, this body has been assembled to a complete guitar for a customer-spec'd build that ultimately abandoned the project.  The only damages are pictured, and include 2 small paint chips at the string ferrules (backside) and clear coat chips around the neck pocket.  Otherwise, this body is completely mint and unplayed.  Included with the body are the inserted, high quality Stainless Steel string ferrules and inner-mounted input jack with vintage cloth wiring ready for action.

Elegant and Durable Finish

The guitar body is finished in a snow white high gloss polyurethane, providing a sleek and modern look. This is complemented by cream binding on both sides, adding a touch of elegance and visual appeal. Unlike the more common gloss nitro finishes that are prone to chipping and often require aging to conceal imperfections, Dillon USA takes a different approach. This body boasts an impressive 20 coats of gloss nitro, applied inside and out, then meticulously hand-rubbed to achieve a sharp and durable finish.

Design Specifications

  • Neck Pocket Width: 2 3/16 inches, designed to accommodate modern Fender bridges, not vintage styles. This specification ensures compatibility with contemporary hardware and setups.
  • Weight: The body weighs approximately 4.8 lbs, making it lightweight and comfortable for extended playing sessions.
  • Finish: The substantial number of coats used in the finish not only enhances the body's aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its resilience and longevity.

Why Choose Dillon USA?

Dillon USA's commitment to quality is evident in the construction and finishing process of their guitar bodies. The choice to use a high number of gloss nitro layers is both a testament to their dedication to quality and an explanation for the higher cost associated with these bodies. This method results in a finish that is not only visually stunning but also significantly more resistant to damage compared to the thinner, softer nitro finishes commonly used by other manufacturers.

Pricing and Value

The suggested retail price of $499 reflects the premium quality and craftsmanship of this guitar body. It represents an excellent value for guitarists looking for a high-quality, durable instrument body that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern finishes and materials.  Save some $$ as our price also includes the input jack + Stainless Steel string ferrules.

This Dillon USA Telecaster-style body is perfect for guitarists who appreciate the fine details and superior construction of American-made guitar bodies, offering a blend of classic style and contemporary performance.



Condition Used - Excellent
Brand Dillon
Model Telecaster, Double Bound
Made In USA
Weight 4.8 lb
Finish Snow White Gloss
Number of Strings 6 Strings
Body Shape Telecaster
Pickups Telecaster Pickup Routing
Controls Standard Telecaster Routing
Bridge Modern Telecaster Routing
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