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Ibanez Edge Tremolo Bridge - Gold

Ibanez Edge Tremolo Bridge - Gold

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Overview of the Ibanez Edge Tremolo System

Development and Design

The Edge tremolo is a double locking tremolo bridge that was developed by Gotoh specifically for Ibanez guitars. Introduced in 1986, it is often referred to as the "Original Edge" to distinguish it from subsequent versions that have been released over the years. This naming helps clarify discussions about the various models and their specific features.

Reputation and Performance

Widely acclaimed by guitarists around the world, the Edge tremolo system is celebrated as one of the finest tremolo systems available on the market. Its design is favored for its stability, precision, and the ability to maintain consistent tuning stability under extreme use. Such features make it highly sought after by both professional and amateur guitarists who require reliable performance during bending and vibrato techniques.

Timeline and Availability

After its initial release in 1986, the Edge tremolo enjoyed several years of production before being discontinued in 2003. However, due to its popularity and continued demand, Ibanez reintroduced the Edge tremolo system in 2010. This resurgence marked a renewed interest in its robust design and superior functionality, allowing a new generation of guitarists to experience its benefits.

Legacy and Influence

The Edge tremolo system's impact on guitar hardware is significant, influencing the development of tremolo systems across the industry. Its reintroduction continues to reflect its enduring legacy and the ongoing demand for high-quality, reliable tremolo systems in the music community.

The Edge tremolo by Ibanez, with its rich history and proven track record, remains a top choice for guitarists seeking optimal performance from their tremolo bridge system.


Condition Brand New
Brand Ibanez
Model Edge
Made In Japan
Finish Gold
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