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Ibanez Edge Pro II Tremolo Bridge - Chrome

Ibanez Edge Pro II Tremolo Bridge - Chrome

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Overview of the Ibanez Edge Pro II Tremolo System

Introduction and Context

The Edge Pro II is a double locking tremolo bridge developed for Ibanez, introduced in 2003. It primarily served mid-tier Ibanez guitars manufactured outside of Japan, particularly in Korea. This model was designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to the higher-end Edge Pro used on more premium models.

Design and Construction

Visually, the Edge Pro II closely resembles the Edge Pro but is differentiated by its construction materials and methods. The Edge Pro II utilizes less expensive metals and does not feature the case-hardened knife edges found in its higher-end counterpart. Additionally, it lacks the "sound chips" in the saddles that enhance the tonal qualities in the Edge Pro.

Features and Functionality

  • Saddle Adjustment: The Edge Pro II includes six independent saddles, adjustable fore and aft for precise intonation setting.
  • Bridge Height Adjustment: The overall height of the bridge can be adjusted via the height of the posts. Unlike some other models, the saddles cannot be adjusted independently; instead, the bottom plate is radiused to match the fretboard radius of the guitar.
  • String Installation: This tremolo system allows for strings to be installed with or without removing the ball ends, thanks to retaining clips under the saddle, a feature also shared with the Edge Pro.
  • Tremolo Bar Design: The Edge Pro II employs a push-in tremolo bar with unique adjustments for arm height and rotational torque, accessible through allen screws in the tremolo arm holder and body.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Spring System: The tremolo relies on a traditional setup with a cast metal block and three springs that connect to a claw in the trem cavity. This claw’s position is adjustable, allowing for the balancing of string tension and the tremolo angle.
  • Radius Versions: The system was produced in different versions to match various fretboard radii, including a 430mm radius for general models and a special 250mm radius version for the Joe Satriani signature JS100.

Installation and Usage Tips

For optimal performance, the tremolo should be adjusted to sit parallel with the guitar top, ensuring that the tremolo system functions smoothly and maintains tuning stability. This setting helps in achieving the desired vibrato effects while maintaining the structural integrity and tone of the guitar.

Overall, the Edge Pro II offers a blend of affordability and functionality, making it suitable for guitarists who seek the robust performance of a double locking tremolo system without the higher price tag of top-tier models.  

This unit is missing 5 of the 6 red string end retainers.  These do not impact function whatsoever.  Overall condition is great, wiht some light patina and bubbling under the chrome plating.


Condition Used - Excellent
Brand Ibanez
Model Edge Pro II
Made In Korea
Finish Chrome
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