The Fullerton Closet

Fender's first American Vintage Reissue Stratocasters built from 1982-1984 in Fullerton, CA were essentially the first "custom shop" stratocasters that Fender manufactured.  These guitars were built on the same machinery and equipment utilized to produce the precious and ultimately rare pre-CBS strats.  After careful research, the Dan Smith-era team landed on 1957 and 1962 being the most sought after and pivotal, effortlessly playable stratocaster produced in the Leo Fender days.  

This collection of guitars has been put together through careful examination and research, as well as minimal restoration efforts.  The descriptions for each of these beauties contains all information relevant to identifying/dating these rare guitars.  This web page Fuzz Faced Vintage Reissues is an excellent resource to help guide one who wishes to embark down the journey of early Fender AVRI's.