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1984 Fender Fullerton AVRI Neck Plate - Chrome

1984 Fender Fullerton AVRI Neck Plate - Chrome

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This original Fender American Vintage Reissue Stratocaster neck plate, manufactured in Fullerton, California, is from a 1984 Fullerton Reissue Stratocaster. The serial number V013XXX confirms its year of manufacture, enhancing its value for collectors and restorers.

The neck plate includes the original bolts, which is significant since Fender used various bolt heads during this period. It also shows staining on the back, typical of neck plates from the 1980s, indicating authentic wear and age.

Ideal for vintage Stratocaster restorations, this neck plate is essential for projects aiming to maintain historical accuracy and capture the essence of mid-1980s Fender craftsmanship. It not only serves as a functional piece but also as a collectible item that preserves a part of Fender’s manufacturing history.


Condition Used - Excellent
Brand Fender
Made In USA
Year 1984
Finish Chrome
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