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Duncan Designed

Duncan Designed Humbucker Pickup Set - HB103N & HB103B - Gold

Duncan Designed Humbucker Pickup Set - HB103N & HB103B - Gold

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Design Inspiration

The HB-103 pickup is closely modeled after the well-regarded SH-6 Duncan Distortion™ set, a popular choice among guitarists looking for powerful output and rich sound. The HB-103 aims to replicate the SH-6's acclaimed characteristics, making high-quality sound accessible at a more affordable price point.

Construction and Materials

This pickup utilizes ceramic magnets, which are known for their ability to produce a sharp, cutting tone with a tight low end and clear highs. The powerful coil windings of the HB-103 are designed to maximize output, ensuring that the pickup can deliver a robust and punchy sound that stands out in a mix.

Tone and Performance

The HB-103 is built to deliver a high output tone characterized by lots of crunch and enhanced harmonics. This makes it particularly suitable for genres that demand a hard-hitting sound, such as rock, metal, and other heavy music styles. The ceramic magnets contribute to a more aggressive tone, making it ideal for guitarists who need their riffs and solos to cut through dense band arrangements.

Special Features

A unique aspect of the HB-103 is that the bridge pickup is Trembucker-spaced. This spacing is wider than standard, designed specifically to accommodate the vibrato systems and wider string spacings found on many modern guitars. This feature ensures that the pickup responds evenly across all strings, providing balanced output and consistent sound quality, particularly beneficial for playing complex chords and intricate lead lines.

Ideal Usage

The HB-103 is an excellent choice for guitarists looking to upgrade or modify their electric guitars with a pickup that offers both high output and detailed tonal clarity. It's particularly effective in settings where performance intensity and audio precision are paramount.

These pickups are originally from a Hamer guitar from the 1990s


Serial No. HB103
Condition Used - Very Good
Brand Duncan Designed
Model HB103-SET
Made In Korea
Finish Gold
Number of Strings 6 Strings
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