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Kinman Pickups Gilmour Stratocaster Single Coil Set - Parchment

Kinman Pickups Gilmour Stratocaster Single Coil Set - Parchment

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Kinman's Replication of David Gilmour's Signature Sound

Design Philosophy and Sound Replication

Kinman pickups are meticulously engineered to emulate the iconic sound of David Gilmour, particularly as heard during his 1979 era with the Black Strat. These pickups provide a Zero-Hum replication of Gilmour’s distinct DG sound—cherished for its clarity and musicality. Featuring enhanced sustain and minimal fret buzz, Kinman's design offers aficionados the essence of Gilmour's tone without the common drawbacks of vintage pickups.

Comparison with Historical Pickups

In 1979, the original Black Strat used a unique combination of pickups including a Seymour Duncan SSL1C bridge and Fender '71 neck and middle pickups. Fender's later Gilmour TRIBUTE Black Strat diverged from this setup, opting instead for a trio of Fender Fat 50's. In contrast, Kinman's choice to feature the Texas Jalapeno Extra bridge and Impersonator E56 middle and neck pickups provides a closer sonic match to the 1979 specifications, capturing the nuanced sound that Gilmour fans expect.

Custom Features for Authentic Tone

Kinman's update in June 2019 from the Impersonator Fat 50 to the Texas Jalapeno bridge was a strategic move to refine the replication of Gilmour's sound. The inclusion of Kinman’s K7 or K9 Goodbye Soldering Harness allows users to engage Gilmour's famous wiring modification, which mixes the bridge and neck pickups to produce a uniquely funky, Telecaster-like sound, adding another dimension to the versatile sound palette.

Core Benefits of Kinman's Technology

The core of Kinman’s pickups revolves around Zero-Hum technology, ensuring a clean, noise-free performance that's critical for capturing Gilmour's smooth tonal quality. The use of low-strength Alnico rod magnets further enhances the sound by reducing magnetic string pull, thus extending sustain and improving clarity by decreasing string crash and buzz.

Versatility and Fidelity

While these pickups are designed with a focus on replicating Gilmour’s sound, their versatility allows them to adapt across various amplification environments and playing styles. This adaptability underscores Kinman's commitment to providing musicians with the capability to explore a broad spectrum of sounds, all while staying true to the sonic legacy of David Gilmour. This set represents Kinman’s homage to Gilmour’s enduring influence in the music world, crafted for guitarists seeking to infuse their play with the spirit of a legend.


Cover Logo : No Logo
Surface Finish : Normal
Cover Color : Parchment
Magnets & Screws : Non Plated
Guitar Orientation : Right Handed
Model : Gilmour Set
Product Group : Stratocaster / 3-Single Coil
Baseplates : Normal Baseplate
Harness Type : None
Connection : Solder, leads
Conductors : Normal 2 Conductor hook-up cable (non-shielded cavity is OK)
Fretboard radius : 7" ~ 10" Uniform Radius
Bridge Saddle spread: : Universal

Mounting hardware included

  • 6-32 UNC Phillips drive Pan head mounting screws.
  • Silicon Rubber tube springs.

Optionality with Kinman Pickups

We are an authorized Kinman dealer in the USA, therefore, we have access to Kinman's wide array of customization options ranging from:

  • Covers with or with out logo - available in white, black, aged white, cream, old strat, parchment
  • Magnet Spreads - narrow (49.5mm), intermediate (51mm), standard (52.5mm), custom magnet spreads
  • Magnet Staggers - Normal, Flat, Custom stagger
  • Hook-up Cables - 2 conductor shielded (standard), 3 conductor on all by request, custom lengths by request
  • Polarity - in-phase, opposite phase

Please inquire with us directly if you are interested in a custom configuration not offered on our website!


Condition Brand New
Brand Kinman
Model Gilmour Set
Finish Parchment
Number of Strings 6 Strings
Fingerboard Radius 7-14" Uniform Radius
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