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Fender MIJ AVRI Stratocaster Reissue Pickup Covers - Naturally Aged

Fender MIJ AVRI Stratocaster Reissue Pickup Covers - Naturally Aged

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Overview of 1980s Fender MIJ Pickup Covers

Vintage Appeal and Authenticity

These genuine Fender Made in Japan (MIJ) pickup covers hail directly from the 1980s, offering a true slice of musical history. With years of use, these covers have developed an excellent patina that not only adds to their vintage charm but also reflects their long-standing service in the music world. The aging process has given them a distinct yellowish hue, significantly contrasting with the bases and highlighting their unique character.

Ideal for Restoration and Collectors

These pickup covers are perfect for anyone involved in vintage guitar restoration or for collectors seeking to preserve or recreate the look and feel of that era. Their well-aged appearance makes them particularly valuable for projects aiming to achieve an authentic vintage aesthetic, ensuring that every component of the restoration contributes to the overall period accuracy.

Fender's Commitment to Quality

Originally part of Fender's Made in Japan American Vintage Reissue series, these pickup covers come from a line of high-quality guitars crafted to honor the early Fender Fullerton Reissues from the early 1980s. This series is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and adherence to historical specifications, making these components not only functional but also collectible items in their own right.

Enhancing Vintage Guitar Projects

For guitar enthusiasts and restorers looking to match or contrast patinas in their projects, these pickup covers offer an excellent opportunity. The natural aging and distinctive coloration of these covers can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of a vintage guitar, adding an element of authenticity that is often sought after in the restoration community.


Condition Used- Good
Brand Fender
Made In Japan
Year 1985
Weight 1
Finish Naturally Aged
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