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Hipshot Telecaster Retrofit Bridge - Stainless Steel

Hipshot Telecaster Retrofit Bridge - Stainless Steel

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Telecaster® Bridge Upgrade Options: Enhance Your Tone and Playability

Versatile Saddle Choices

Whether you're looking to achieve a classic vibe or prefer a more modern approach to your Telecaster®'s tone, we offer a range of saddle options to suit your needs. Choose between the vintage, compensated style saddles for that traditional Tele twang, or opt for 6 individual stainless steel saddles for precise intonation and enhanced durability. Both options allow you to tailor your sound and enhance the overall playability of your guitar.

High-Quality Bridge Construction

Our Telecaster® bridges are crafted from laser-cut stainless steel, which is non-magnetic to ensure a more transparent and pure tone from the bridge pickup. This design choice minimizes the coloration of your guitar's natural sound, allowing the true character of your playing to shine through.

Bender and Tremolo Compatibility

For guitarists looking to expand their expressive capabilities, our bridges are bender ready and offer compatibility with a variety of systems. The compensated saddle bridge is designed to work seamlessly with popular devices like the Parsons/Green, DoubleShot, Hipshot String Bender, and behind-the-bridge tremolos. For those choosing the 6 Saddle bridge, ensure compatibility by selecting the "Bender Ready" option, which prepares your bridge for these innovative bending and tremolo systems.

Installation and Compatibility

These bridges are designed to be highly compatible and easy to install:

  • String Thru Holes: Both bridge styles feature string thru holes in the back plate, allowing for flexible stringing through either the body or directly through the bridge.
  • 4 Hole Option: This option is designed to retrofit the vintage Telecaster® mounting pattern, utilizing 4 mounting holes for a secure and straightforward installation.
  • Mounting Screws: Each bridge comes with stainless steel mounting screws, ensuring a stable and durable fit to your guitar.

Whether you are upgrading for tonal enhancement, better intonation control, or greater expressive flexibility, these Telecaster® bridge options provide high-quality solutions that meet the needs of both vintage enthusiasts and modern players. Transform your guitar with these advanced bridge options and experience a new level of tone and performance.


Condition Used - Excellent
Brand Hipshot
Model Telecaster Retrofit Bridge - 4 Hole
Finish Stainless Steel
Number of Strings 6 Strings
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