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Kinman Pickups Blues Stratocaster Single Coil Set - Parchment (Scn - AVn-62 - AVn-62)

Kinman Pickups Blues Stratocaster Single Coil Set - Parchment (Scn - AVn-62 - AVn-62)

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Kinman Blues Pickup Set

Key Features

The Kinman Blues set is highly recommended for enthusiasts of slide and blues guitar styles, particularly those who appreciate a classic, crunchy sound reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt. This pickup set is engineered to deliver a sweet, aged tone complemented by Zero-Hum technology, which enhances clarity by eliminating hum. The sustain is notably extended, and fret buzz is minimized, allowing for a pure and rich midrange. Unlike other pickups that scoop out low mid frequencies, the Kinman Blues set maintains these tones, ensuring a full, soulful sound with ample crunch.

Technical Specifications

The individual pickups within this set include the SCn™, AVn-62, and another AVn-62. It’s important to note that the SCn should not be confused with Fender's SCN, which is known for its lack of tonal richness. This selection contributes to a sound that is both aggressive and warm, thanks to its rounded, aged Strat* character, and features less low mid scoop than the Kinman Impersonator series.

Audio Performance

Showcased brilliantly by Brett Kingman in his YouTube demonstration, the Blues set excels both in clean settings and when overdriven, offering clear, resonant tones with substantial output. The unique Alnico-K magnets reduce magnetic string pull, thereby increasing sustain and reducing string crash and fret buzz. This set shines with an unexpected detail in Alnico tones and a pleasantly biting presence.

User Experience and Longevity

Since its introduction in 2001, the Kinman Blues set has remained a popular choice among guitarists globally, continually improved through technical enhancements. Its versatility is unmatched, performing best when integrated with any Kinman Goodbye-Soldering Harness. This set is a perennial favorite, celebrated for its ability to capture the essence of blues with every note, making it an evergreen selection for musicians worldwide. As one satisfied customer, Rich Southgate, expressed, the charm of the Blues set consistently brings a smile to those who play it, making it a cherished tool for capturing the heart of blues music.


Cover Logo : No Logo
Surface Finish : Normal
Cover Color : Parchment
Magnets & Screws : Non Plated
Guitar Orientation : Right Handed
Model : Blues set
Product Group : Stratocaster / 3-Single Coil
Baseplates : Normal Baseplate
Harness Type : None
Connection : Solder, leads
Conductors : Normal 2 Conductor hook-up cable (non-shielded cavity is OK)
Fretboard radius : 7" ~ 10" Uniform Radius
Bridge Saddle spread: : Modern 53.4mm

Mounting hardware included

  • 6-32 UNC Phillips drive Pan head mounting screws.
  • Silicon Rubber tube springs.

Optionality with Kinman Pickups

We are an authorized Kinman dealer in the USA, therefore, we have access to Kinman's wide array of customization options ranging from:

  • Covers with or with out logo - available in white, black, aged white, cream, old strat, parchment
  • Magnet Spreads - narrow (49.5mm), intermediate (51mm), standard (52.5mm), custom magnet spreads
  • Magnet Staggers - Normal, Flat, Custom stagger
  • Hook-up Cables - 2 conductor shielded (standard), 3 conductor on all by request, custom lengths by request
  • Polarity - in-phase, opposite phase

Please inquire with us directly if you are interested in a custom configuration not offered on our website!


Condition Brand New
Brand Kinman
Model Blues Set
Finish Parchment
Number of Strings 6 Strings
Fingerboard Radius 7-14" Uniform Radius
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