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Mesa Boogie

Mesa Boogie Mark III Red Stripe Amplifier Head

Mesa Boogie Mark III Red Stripe Amplifier Head

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The Altitude Summary

Dive into the era of rock legends with a Mesa Boogie Mark III from the late '80s, a masterpiece in near-pristine condition that barely shows its age. This particular gem is a coveted "Red Stripe" version, celebrated for delivering the quintessential rock tones that defined an era, thanks to the legendary lead mode circuitry borrowed from the Mark IIC+. Fresh from a thorough check-up, this amplifier is all-original, free from major repairs, and ready to rock. Note, this special piece comes without the Graphic EQ, reverb options, or a footswitch.

The Mark III Legacy

In 1985, Mesa/Boogie revolutionized the guitar amp world with the introduction of the Mark III, adding a dynamic "crunch" rhythm channel that perfectly bridges the gap between the clean and lead tones. This innovative model features a dual footswitch system, allowing players to seamlessly toggle between clean, crunch, and lead tones. While it shares the tone stack with the rhythm modes, the lead channel boasts its own gain and master volume controls for unparalleled sound customization. It's worth mentioning that this particular unit skips the Graphic EQ and reverb, keeping things straightforward yet versatile.

Red Stripe: The Iconic Edition

The "Red Stripe" edition marks the third revision of the Mark III series, easily identifiable by the distinctive red stripe above the power cord. This version not only mirrors the IIC+'s celebrated lead mode circuitry but also introduces subtle tweaks in the preamp section for an enhanced sonic experience. Despite these changes, the core features like the power circuitry and presence cap remain true to its predecessors, ensuring the classic Mesa Boogie tone remains intact.

Ready to make history with your riffs? This Mesa Boogie Mark III is not just an amplifier; it's a portal to the golden age of rock.


Serial No. 21392
Condition Used - Excellent
Brand Mesa Boogie
Model Mark III Red Stripe
Made In USA
Year 1987
Finish Black
Cabinet Dimensions 19.25H x 22.75W x 10.37D
Cabinet Material Baltic Birch Cabinet, Cream Bronco Vinyl with Cream/Tan Weave Grille
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