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Suhr Dual Boost Pedal

Suhr Dual Boost Pedal

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Experience unrivaled sound quality with the Suhr Dual Boost Pedal. This versatile, dual-mode, transparent boost provides superior dynamics and a wide dynamic range, powered by a single 9-volt battery or 9-volt power supply. With two independent modes, Boost Range switch, and proprietary mfx switching, this compact pedal delivers pure audio and a comprehensive solution for all your boost needs.

Key Features:

  • Dual-Mode Configuration: Switch effortlessly between two independent boost modes, each with dedicated Boost and Hi-Cut controls, tailoring your sound signature to suit varying musical contexts.
  • MF(X) Technology: Intuitively toggle between Boost 1 (green) and Boost 2 (red) mid-performance with the innovative Multi-Function Technology, simply by holding down the footswitch.
  • Global Boost Range Switch: Customize the range of your boost with the global switch, choosing between a subtle +10dB or a more pronounced +20dB, accommodating both nuanced enhancements and bold surges in volume.
  • Superior Componentry: With ultra-low distortion, low noise components, and an internal charge pump circuit, the pedal provides a pure audio path, superior dynamics, and an expansive dynamic range—all operable from a single 9-volt battery or regulated power source.
  • Flexible Bypass Options: Match your pedal to your preferred signal path with the option to select true bypass, ensuring a clear signal when the pedal is not engaged, or buffered bypass modes for longer signal chains.
  • FX Link Capability: Integrate the Dual Boost seamlessly with your existing rig using the FX Link feature, which allows external control over the pedal's switching functions, also enabling power up in preferred On/Off states.
  • Low Battery Monitor: Never be caught off-guard by power issues. The unique battery monitor alerts you to low battery conditions and automatically switches the pedal to True Bypass if necessary, safeguarding your tone.

Elevate your sound with the Suhr Dual Boost Pedal, where precision meets performance.


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