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Vintage Fender MIJ Standard Stratocaster Tremolo Block with Plate Screws

Vintage Fender MIJ Standard Stratocaster Tremolo Block with Plate Screws

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This Stratocaster reissue tremolo block, crafted in Japan, is an excellent choice for guitarists looking to upgrade or restore their Stratocaster with authentic, high-quality components. Designed to match the specifications and quality of original Stratocaster parts, this tremolo block is noted for its heavy and solid construction, providing stability and enhancing the guitar's sustain and tone.

Key Features:

  • Construction: The tremolo block is made from a dense, durable material, contributing to its weight and solidity. This quality build not only improves the overall sound of the guitar but also ensures longevity and resistance to wear.
  • Compatibility: Ideal for reissue Stratocasters, this tremolo block is designed to seamlessly fit and function within the setup of these guitars. Its specifications are tailored to replicate the performance of vintage Stratocaster tremolo blocks.
  • Installation: The tremolo block comes equipped with screws necessary for mounting it to the tremolo plate, simplifying the installation process. This inclusion ensures that guitarists or technicians can easily attach it without the need to source additional parts.

Ideal for: This tremolo block is perfect for guitar enthusiasts who are refurbishing a Stratocaster or modifying a newer model to achieve a more vintage sound and feel. Its robust build and faithful reproduction of historical designs make it a valuable component for both restoration projects and performance upgrades.


Condition Used - Excellent
Brand Fender
Made In Japan
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