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1982 Fender AVRI '62 Black Stratocaster - Fullerton

1982 Fender AVRI '62 Black Stratocaster - Fullerton

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1982 Fender AVRI '62 Black Stratocaster made in Fullerton, CA

Fender's first American Vintage Reissue Stratocasters built from 1982-1984 in Fullerton, CA were essentially the first "custom shop" stratocasters that Fender manufactured.  These guitars were built on the same machinery and equipment utilized to produce the precious and ultimately rare pre-CBS strats.  After careful research, the Dan Smith-era team landed on 1957 and 1962 being the most sought after and pivotal, effortlessly playable stratocaster produced in the Leo Fender days.  

This guitar is great, feels like a vintage strat should feel. The body exhibits natural aging with lots of checking in the lacquer.  Black was a custom color, so these are a bit more rare than the sunburst '62 reissues.  There are a solid amount of paint chips (see images) but overall the body is in great condition for a 40+ year old guitar. 

The guitar passes all the checks in terms of authenticity and being 100% original:

  • Potentiometers are dated 26th week of 1982, solder joints appear to be all original
  • Electronics appear to be untouched, and are all original
  • Pickups have lacquer on the poles
  • Black-bottom pickups have period-correct markings, and original tape around wires
  • Neck has period-correct markings, and joint between maple and slab fretboard is above truss rod (indicative of original equipment)
  • J. Serna name stamped on neck heel, no date is written
  • Waterslide decal with pointed E's
  • Same direction fender imprint in saddles with correct tremolo characteristics
  • Case has correct "duck foot" compartment pull
  • Includes original manual, spring packet, whammy bar, and Fender strap
  • Body has correct profiles for 82-84 Fullerton curves
  • Worm route under bridge pickup has correct shape and path

Overall, this is an excellent example of a 1982-1984 Fullerton Reissue Stratocaster.  Based on the serial from the neck plate, this guitar was likely built in 1983.  These guitars are excellent collection pieces.

Pot Date Codes: R1378226 (26th week of 1982)


Serial No. V007681
Condition Used, Very Good
Brand Fender
Model '62 Reissue Stratocaster
Made In USA
Year 1983
Case Original Tweed
Finish Black
Hardware Chrome / Nickel
Body Shape Fullerton Reissue Stratocaster
Neck Material Maple with Rosewood Slab
Fretboard Material Brazilian Rosewood Slab
Pickups '62 Reissue Single Coils
Controls 1 Volume, Neck Tone, Middle Tone
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