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Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge Tremolo - Black

Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge Tremolo - Black

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Overview of the Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge Tremolo System

Development and Evolution

The Lo-Pro Edge, introduced in 1991, is a double locking tremolo bridge designed specifically for Ibanez guitars by Gotoh. This system was developed as a refined version of the original Edge tremolo, featuring a lower profile design that improves playability by minimizing interference with the player's picking hand and arm.

Design Innovations

The main innovation in the Lo-Pro Edge compared to its predecessor lies in its construction. Unlike the original Edge where the string lock screws pass under the fine-tuners, the Lo-Pro Edge separates the string locks and fine tuners. This modification allows the bridge to protrude less from the guitar's body, enhancing comfort during play.

Mechanical Features

Like the original Edge, the Lo-Pro Edge borrows heavily from the Floyd Rose tremolo system, which Ibanez and Gotoh licensed. This design clamps the strings at both the bridge and the nut, significantly minimizing string length and enhancing tuning stability. The tremolo's body is cast from dense metal, increasing its mass and thereby improving sustain.

Additional features carried over from the Edge include:

  • Locking anchor studs mounted in steel sleeves
  • Replaceable knife edges
  • A pop-in tremolo arm for convenience and reliability

Usage and Adoption

Upon its release, the Lo-Pro Edge was primarily installed on Ibanez's high-end tremolo-equipped guitars, such as the models from Steve Vai's JEM series. In 1992, it became the standard tremolo system for all high-end models. While select high-end RG models reverted to the original Edge starting in 1997, the Lo-Pro Edge remained a popular choice for players seeking a blend of performance and ergonomic design.

Includes original whammy bar.


Condition Used - Excellent
Brand Ibanez
Model Edge Pro
Made In Japan
Finish Black
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