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Kinman Pickups Woodstock Plus v2 Stratocaster Single Coil Set (Hx-85 v2, AVn-69 v2, AVn-69 v2) - Parchment

Kinman Pickups Woodstock Plus v2 Stratocaster Single Coil Set (Hx-85 v2, AVn-69 v2, AVn-69 v2) - Parchment

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Kinman Woodstock Plus Set

Set Features and Performance

The Woodstock Plus Set by Kinman is designed to capture the spirit of the Woodstock era, offering a robust and dynamic sound profile. This set includes the explosive AVn-69 neck and middle pickups, known for their exceptional, violin-like sustain and pronounced Th-wack factor. These features make it one of Kinman's most popular offerings.

Enhanced Pickup Technology

In October 2019, the Woodstock Plus set was upgraded to version 2, incorporating Kinman's advanced Gen-2 technology. This upgrade enhances the loudness, sharpens the attack, and improves the clarity of the trebles. The overall sound is more open and detailed, providing a richer auditory experience.

Dynamic Sound Quality

This pickup set delivers dynamic and explosive sounds, with notes that seem to flow effortlessly off the fretboard, sustaining indefinitely. The semi-aged Strat sound offers deep thump and punch, with a sharp attack and exceptional clarity, definition, and projection. Players can expect their notes to readily break into a crunch under heavy pick attack, making these pickups versatile enough for clean Fender tones as well as heavy rock and extreme distortion.

High Output with Zero-Hum

The Woodstock Plus set is designed for high output while maintaining the Zero-Hum advantage. This ensures that even when using heavy distortion, the sound remains clear and free from annoying mains hum. This feature is particularly beneficial for guitarists looking to achieve a powerful sound without compromise.

Critical Acclaim

The quality and performance of the Kinman Woodstock Plus set have been recognized by experts and enthusiasts alike. As noted by the British guitar magazine Total Guitar, after installing the Kinman Woodstock pickups, "our stock single coils suddenly seemed shockingly thin and weedy." This testament underscores the superior quality and impactful sound that these pickups deliver, enhancing the musical experience for players and listeners alike.


Cover Logo : No Logo
Surface Finish : Normal
Cover Color : Parchment
Magnets & Screws : Non Plated
Guitar Orientation : Right Handed
Model : Gilmour Set
Product Group : Stratocaster / 3-Single Coil
Baseplates : Normal Baseplate
Harness Type : None
Connection : Solder, leads
Conductors : Normal 2 Conductor hook-up cable (non-shielded cavity is OK)
Fretboard radius : 7" ~ 10" Uniform Radius
Bridge Saddle spread: : Universal

Mounting hardware included

  • 6-32 UNC Phillips drive Pan head mounting screws.
  • Silicon Rubber tube springs.

Optionality with Kinman Pickups

We are an authorized Kinman dealer in the USA, therefore, we have access to Kinman's wide array of customization options ranging from:

  • Covers with or with out logo - available in white, black, aged white, cream, old strat, parchment
  • Magnet Spreads - narrow (49.5mm), intermediate (51mm), standard (52.5mm), custom magnet spreads
  • Magnet Staggers - Normal, Flat, Custom stagger
  • Hook-up Cables - 2 conductor shielded (standard), 3 conductor on all by request, custom lengths by request
  • Polarity - in-phase, opposite phase

Please inquire with us directly if you are interested in a custom configuration not offered on our website!


Condition Brand New
Brand Kinman
Model Woodstock Plus v2 Set
Finish Parchment
Number of Strings 6 Strings
Fingerboard Radius 7-14" Uniform Radius
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