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Gibson-style Tuning Machines MIK - Gold

Gibson-style Tuning Machines MIK - Gold

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Overview of Korean Made 3x3 Tuning Machines in Gold

These Korean-made 3x3 tuning machines are a notable find for guitar enthusiasts and restorers, especially for those seeking vintage-style components. Crafted in gold, these tuning machines are from the 1990s and feature a light patina that adds to their vintage appeal while preserving the full integrity of the gold finish.

Design and Style: Styled similarly to Gibson '80s style tuning machines, these tuners embody the classic Gibson-style tulip design. This design not only offers a timeless aesthetic but also provides the familiar feel and operation that many guitarists appreciate.

Condition and Performance: Despite their age, these tuning machines are in excellent working condition with no functional issues. Their durability and continued performance make them an ideal choice for replacing or upgrading tuning machines on vintage or Gibson-style guitars.

Application and Suitability: Perfect for guitar restoration projects or custom builds, these tuners are suited for anyone looking to capture the authentic look and feel of '80s Gibson guitars. They offer both aesthetic charm and reliable functionality, making them a valuable addition to any compatible guitar.

These tuning machines represent a blend of classic design and sustained quality, ideal for musicians and builders looking to enhance the functionality and appearance of their guitars with a touch of vintage style.


Condition Used- Very Good
Made In Korea
Finish Gold
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