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3Leaf Audio

2024 3Leaf Audio Doom 2 - Cosmic

2024 3Leaf Audio Doom 2 - Cosmic

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DOOM 2 Fuzz Pedal: Enhanced Dynamics and Versatility

Unique Fuzz Circuitry

DOOM 2 stands out in the realm of fuzz pedals with its innovative circuit that simulates the sawtooth wave of a classic synthesizer. Unlike typical fuzz pedals, DOOM 2 adjusts to the player's style and preserves the dynamics of each note, ensuring that the distinct character of your playing shines through even with heavy distortion.

Dual Mode Functionality

The newly introduced you're/your switch in version 2 enhances the versatility of the DOOM 2 pedal. In "you're" mode, the pedal accentuates strong upper harmonics and a mid-focused tone, ideal for playing higher on the neck and incorporating octavia/ring modulator effects. The "your" mode, on the other hand, emphasizes a stronger fundamental tone with reduced high frequencies and an increased low end, catering to players seeking a more traditional fuzz sound.

Advanced Control Features

The bass control feature has received a significant upgrade in this version. It now serves a dual purpose:

  • Clean Mode: The bass control allows the full range of clean signal to pass through to the output, perfect for maintaining clarity and fullness.
  • Bass Mode: An active crossover in this setting targets only the clean low frequencies to blend seamlessly with the fuzz circuit, creating a rich and cohesive sound that enhances the pedal's utility in various musical contexts.

Mid Control for Precision

Replacing the previous shape switch, the updated variable mid control provides users with the ability to fine-tune the midrange presence. This adjustment makes it easier to achieve the perfect placement of the fuzz tone within any mix, offering greater control over the pedal’s sonic output.

Universal Compatibility

DOOM 2 is engineered to provide a complete range output, making it universally compatible with a variety of instruments. While the standard version excels with low-frequency instruments like bass guitars and synthesizers, plans are in place to release a guitar speaker-specific tuning, expanding its applicability and performance.

This pedal is crafted for musicians who demand precision and versatility in their sound, allowing for a broad spectrum of tonal possibilities, from nuanced clean passages to powerful fuzz-laden riffs. Whether in the studio or on stage, DOOM 2 promises to elevate the musical experience with its distinctive features and responsive performance.


  • Limited edition of 100
  • Brand new, never used
  • Includes manual
  • Footprint: 64 x 118 mm


    Condition Brand New
    Brand 3Leaf Audio
    Model Doom 2
    Year 2024
    Finish Cosmic
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