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Suhr Koko Boost Pedal

Suhr Koko Boost Pedal

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The Suhr Koko Boost Pedal enhances your sound spectrum with its versatile dual-mode boost feature. It provides a transparent clean boost option for amplifiers and overdrive pedals, as well as a selectable midrange boost that expands your tonal capabilities. Effortlessly shape your sound with the intuitive Boost and Mid knobs, along with the Freq (Frequency) select switch.

Key Features:

  • Dual Boost Modes: Clean and Mid Boost
  • Boost Control: Adjusts output from unity gain to +20dB
  • Mid Control: Fine-tunes midrange frequency
  • Frequency Switch: Selects between three midrange voicings
    • Left (Mids): Full and Smooth
    • Middle (High Mids): Clear and Articulate
    • Right (Low Mids): Fat and Creamy
  • Selectable Bypass Modes: True bypass or buffered bypass
  • Power Options: Compatible with single 9-volt battery or 9-volt power supply
  • FX Link Connector: Enables external control
  • Low Battery Monitor: Alerts and switches to True Bypass if battery is low.

Elevate your sound with the Suhr Dual Boost Pedal, the ultimate solution for versatile boosts.


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