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Suhr Buffer Pedal

Suhr Buffer Pedal

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For uncompromising tone preservation, look no further than the Suhr Buffer Pedal. Crafted with premium components like low-noise audiophile Op-Amps and a machined aluminum enclosure, it ensures your instrument's tone remains pristine. Designed with the same meticulous attention as our award-winning amplifiers, it's a must-have for any serious player.

Key Features:

  • Essential Tone Preservation: Transparent signal buffer/line driver reverses tone loss due to signal degradation.
  • Placement: Ideal as the first device in your signal chain or after vintage fuzz pedals.
  • High-Quality Components: Premium components and compact aluminum enclosure ensure durability and reliability.
  • Two Independent Outputs: Includes an isolated output with a transformer to eliminate noise.
  • 180º Phase Reversal Switch: Maintains signal phase when splitting between amplifiers.
  • Operation: DC Inlet compatible with 9-18Vdc center negative power supply. Includes instrument input, primary output, and transformer-isolated secondary output for splitting signal. Phase switch reverses polarity of ISO Output by 180º for phase coherence.

Elevate your tone with confidence using the Suhr Buffer Pedal.

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