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3Leaf Audio

2024 3Leaf Audio Octabvre Mk3 - Verdant

2024 3Leaf Audio Octabvre Mk3 - Verdant

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Overview of the MKIII Analog Octave Divider

Compact Design and Enhanced Features

The MKIII Analog Octave Divider arrives as the latest iteration in this esteemed series, boasting all the features of its predecessor, the MKII, but in a more compact form. This design refinement allows musicians to manage their pedalboard space more efficiently while retaining the rich functionality of earlier models.

Innovative Controls and Sound Manipulation

The MKIII features a unique set of controls that allow for precise sound shaping and adaptation to various musical contexts. These include:

  • Clean Volume: Adjusts the level of the unprocessed signal.
  • Octave Volume: Sets the volume of the octave effect.
  • Octave Tone: Modifies the tone of the octave effect, providing versatility in sound.
  • TIM Mode: A specialized mode that alters the texture and response of the octave effects.
  • Sub Volume Trimpot: A fine adjustment tool for the sub-octave volume, enhancing lower-end depth.

Dynamic Performance Features

One of the standout features of the MKIII is the SUB footswitch, which allows performers to cut the dry signal instantaneously. This switch enables players to transition seamlessly into a purely octave-laden sound, embarking on sonic explorations in the THICC dimension. This capability is ideal for musicians looking to add dramatic shifts and depth to their performances.

Upgraded Circuit for Superior Sound

The internal circuit of the MKIII has been thoughtfully reconfigured to a volume/volume setup, improving the overall sound quality. This new arrangement ensures a clearer separation of the clean and octave signals, providing a cleaner blend and enhanced clarity, making the octave effects sound better than ever before.

This pedal is designed for musicians who seek to explore new dimensions in sound and desire a reliable, high-quality tool for expanding their sonic palette. Whether in studio sessions or live performances, the MKIII Analog Octave Divider is engineered to inspire creativity and deliver exceptional musical experiences. 


  • Limited edition of 100
  • Brand new, never used
  • Includes manual
  • Footprint: 64 x 118 mm


Condition Brand New
Brand 3Leaf Audio
Model Octabvre
Year 2024
Finish Verdant
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