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Suhr Discovery Analog Delay Pedal, 120V

Suhr Discovery Analog Delay Pedal, 120V

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Suhr Discovery Analog Delay Pedal brings the warmth of analog circuitry into the modern era. Crafted with four reissued MN3005 Bucket Brigade chips, it offers unparalleled control over your delay. With 127 presets, tap-tempo functionality, and MIDI capabilities, it adapts to any setup. Shape your tone with hi-cut and low-cut controls, modulation options, and expression pedal mapping. Elevate your sound with the Suhr Discovery Analog Delay.

Key Features:

  • Engineered with four reissued MN3005 bucket-brigade analog-delay chips
  • 127 programmable presets
  • Tap-tempo functionality for precise timing
  • Hi-cut and low-cut controls for tone shaping
  • Modulation with adjustable speed and depth
  • MIDI connectivity for versatile control
  • Expression pedal mapping for dynamic performance

Elevate your sound with Suhr Discovery Analog Delay. Crafted on MN3005 chips, 127 presets, Tap-Tempo, and MIDI for unparalleled control and versatility.


Condition New
Brand Suhr
Model Discovery Analog Delay
Made In USA
Weight 1.0
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