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Suhr Dark Discovery™ Analog Delay Pedal, Black Edition, 120V

Suhr Dark Discovery™ Analog Delay Pedal, Black Edition, 120V

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Analog Delay Electric Guitar Pedal: Analog Reinvented

Suhr has long been dedicated to bringing the timeless simplicity and rich tone of analog circuitry to today’s guitarists. The Suhr Dark Discovery™ Analog Delay Pedal represents a groundbreaking leap forward, conceived by Kevin Suhr himself. It stands as Suhr's pioneering step into a new era of pedal design.

This pedal preserves the essence and vibe of iconic analog delay units while integrating the versatility of today's advanced delay pedals. By using the warm, rich, unmistakable tone of an all-analog signal path built on four reissued MN3005 Bucket Brigade analog delay chips, it becomes the top choice for shaping and controlling your delay effects. Additionally, with 127 presets, every nuance is savable and instantly recallable.

Modern Mastery of the Analog Delay Electric Guitar Pedal

Featuring an intelligent Tap-Tempo function that averages your last four taps, the Dark Discovery™ Analog Delay Electric Guitar Pedal ensures precise timing in any musical context. Moreover, seamless integration with 127 programmable presets allows you to easily switch between your favorite tones using Bypass and Tap-Tempo controls.

Tonal Exploration

The Dark Discovery™ Filter Section gives you unparalleled control over your delay’s place within your mix. Consequently, you can tailor your sound with precision using the Lo-Cut and Hi-Cut knobs. This allows you to shift from deep, resonant delay textures to crisp, high-end echoes reminiscent of dub-style effects.

Expressive Freedom

You can unleash endless sonic possibilities with an expression preset, custom-mapped to each knob and preset. For instance, from classic tape-style pitch variations to ethereal regen/freeze effects, each preset can host a unique expression pedal mapping, thereby enhancing your performance versatility.

Versatile Modulation

Explore a range of modulation effects. For example, from vintage analog warble and modern chorus to dynamic Leslie-style shifts, you can choose from triangle, sine, or square waveforms to shape your modulation exactly to your liking. Consequently, dialing in your sound has never been easier.

Expandable Connectivity

Equipped with full MIDI capabilities, the Dark Discovery™ Analog Delay Pedal seamlessly integrates into complex setups. This allows complete control over every parameter. Whether on stage or in the studio, MIDI In & Out/Thru support ensures effortless synchronization with your entire rig.

Features of the Dark DiscoveryAnalog Delay Pedal

  • All-new revolutionary design
  • Four reissued MN3005 Bucket Brigade analog delay chips
  • 127 programmable presets
  • Delay times from 40ms - 1100ms, expandable up to 2000ms
  • Smart Tap-Tempo function for precise tempo control
  • High & Lo Cut controls for precise tonal shaping
  • Modulation with adjustable speed, depth, and waveform selection
  • Fully programmable digital control
  • MIDI In & Out/Thru
  • Expression pedal mapping for dynamic control
  • True-bypass or buffered-bypass switching
  • Soft clipping limiter for infinite feedback and oscillations
  • Kill dry mode for parallel effects loops
  • Includes 18V DC power supply
  • Assembled in the USA
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