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Suhr Riot Mini

Suhr Riot Mini

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The Riot Mini embodies the timeless Hi-Gain DNA of its larger predecessor, now ingeniously packaged in a compact, pedalboard-friendly design. Despite its diminutive size, this powerhouse is packed with Distortion, Tone, and Level Controls, alongside a versatile 2-Position Voicing switch, True Bypass, and an On/Off Effect Status Indicator. Encased in a rugged, powder-coated die-cast enclosure, it ensures years of dependable performance. And yes, it's conveniently powered by any -9Vdc supply.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: Perfect for pedalboard optimization.
  • 2 Position Voice Switch: Choose between Diodes or LED for varied distortion flavors.
  • Distortion, Tone & Level Controls: Customize your sound with precision.
  • True Bypass: Maintains signal integrity when the effect is off.
  • On/Off LED Status Indicator: Ensures easy visual confirmation of effect status.
  • Powered By -9Vdc: Compatible with standard power supplies.


Condition New
Brand Suhr
Model Riot Mini
Made In USA
Weight .365
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