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VOX AD60VTH Valvetronix Head Hybrid Modeling Amp Head

VOX AD60VTH Valvetronix Head Hybrid Modeling Amp Head

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The Vox AD60VTH and AD120VTH amp heads were introduced in July 2002 as part of the Valvetronix "Blue" series. These heads complemented the AD60VT and AD120VT combo amps that were introduced a year earlier. While they shared the Valvetronix technology, the VTH heads had improved circuitry compared to their combo amp counterparts.

The AD60VTH featured a single 60-watt RMS amplifier and incorporated the REMS circuitry. This innovative circuit allowed the amp to accurately replicate the complex preamp circuitry of sixteen popular amplifiers, including Vox classics and other iconic models like blackface, tweed, and plexi-style amps.

In addition to the comprehensive amp modeling capabilities, the Valvetronix "Blue" Series amps offered a wide range of built-in effects. Users had access to ten effects pedals, five modulation effects, reverb, delay, and a full set of gain, volume, and tone controls. This ensured that guitarists had the necessary tools to shape their desired tone.

One notable feature introduced in the Valvetronix "Blue" Series was the VR Valve Reactor output circuit. This innovative technology aimed to provide the dynamic response and feel of a tube power amp by incorporating a real vacuum tube into the power amp section. The VR Valve Reactor circuit was designed to enhance the overall sound and response of the amplifier.

The Vox AD60VTH and AD120VTH amp heads offered a versatile range of tones, effects, and amp simulations, making them popular choices among guitarists seeking flexibility and convenience in their rig.


Condition Used - Good
Brand VOX
Model AD60VTH
Finish Black
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