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Mask Audio Electronics

Mask Audio Electronics Part Garden - Seafoam - Fuzz Pedal

Mask Audio Electronics Part Garden - Seafoam - Fuzz Pedal

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From Mask Audio Electronics:

Part Garden was formed around the concept of combining multiple fuzz pedals into one. This innovative device contains two separate fuzz circuits, each complementing the other to create the ultimate sound. After extensive testing, we have developed a versatile blend that can function as a smooth overdrive, a wild fuzz, or anything in between. The first fuzz offers a warm tone, while the second provides harmonic richness, but the results are customizable through the control adjustments. With its high level of dynamics, this pedal can be further enhanced by utilizing your instrument's volume control.

The pedal features three volume controls, labeled I, II, and III, each of which affects the overall sound of the pedal in different stages. Adjusting these controls will change the volume, tone, and gain of the pedal. Unlike other pedals, Part Garden does not have a separate tone control, as the gain controls can easily shape the signal's tone. Increase the I control for a distinct high-end sound, or raise the II control for a fuller low-end sound.

Control Summary

I - Determine the specific gain level by measuring the signal input entering Part Garden.

II - The gain controls the output between the two circuits while also slightly decreasing lower frequencies when adjusted.

III - Master volume, turn right to increase

Texture - Adjusting the gain structure in the initial stage increases both the gain and the compression level from the fuzz. When turned all the way, the signal may become so compressed that it requires a boost from another pedal to pass through. Due to the nature of the adjustment, some crackling may be heard when turning the knob.

YUH - Adjust the range of the Texture control for optimal sound adjustment in the up position and more precise tuning in the down position.

Power Supply & Construction

This product utilizes a Boss-style power supply (9VDC 2.1mm center negative) and features top-mounted jacks. The enclosures are hand screen printed by Pinebox Customs, showcasing artwork by Taylor C. Adams.


Serial No. 156
Condition Mint
Brand Mask Audio Electronics
Model Part Garden
Finish Seafoam
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