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Suhr Shiba Drive Pedal

Suhr Shiba Drive Pedal

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Shiba Drive™ is a versatile overdrive pedal, offering players a rich array of fat rhythms and warm lead tones. Its pronounced midrange ensures prominence in any mix.

Key Features:

  • Stand Out in the Mix: Pronounced midrange character ensures your tone cuts through.
  • Controls: Easy-to-tweak layout with Drive, Level, Tone, and Smooth switch.
    • Drive: From bluesy crunch to sustained, compressed overdrive.
    • Level: Adds sustain or pushes tube amps into clipping.
    • Tone: Shapes tonal response from warm to cutting.
  • Smooth Switch: Three modes for varied high-end roll-off effects.
  • Additional Features:
    • True Bypass: via relay for seamless switching and battery monitoring.
    • FX Link: External control and power-up in On/Off state.
    • Low Battery Monitor: Alerts and auto-switches to True Bypass on low voltage.

Elevate your sound with Shiba Drive™.


Condition New
Brand Suhr
Model Shiba Drive
Made In USA
Weight .75
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