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Suhr Woodshed Comp Andy Wood Signature Compressor

Suhr Woodshed Comp Andy Wood Signature Compressor

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Crafted in collaboration with Andy Wood, the Suhr Woodshed Comp is a testament to clarity and control in compression. Designed for guitarists who value transparency, it maintains the nuances of your tone while offering soaring sustain and unmatched headroom.

Key Features:

  • VCA Compressor: Tailored towards a studio-type schematic for pristine compression.
  • Feed-Forward Gain Reduction: Delivers transparent and open compression.
  • Soaring Sustain: Achieve long sustain without pushing your amp's gain too high.
  • Incredible Headroom: Offers ample headroom for use as a clean boost with minimal compression.
  • True Bypass Switching: Ensures signal integrity when disengaged.
  • Small Dimensions: Compact design for pedalboard-friendly usage.


Condition New
Brand Suhr
Model Woodshed Compressor
Weight 1 lb
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